CLI Installation

The CLI is written in Golang and precompiled binaries are available for each GitHub tagged release. Installing it is a matter of downloading it from GitHub, placing the binary on a directory available on your PATH and making it executable.

This one liner can handle it for you assuming that $HOME/bin is available on your PATH:

L=$HOME/bin/devstep && curl -sL > $L && chmod +x $L

Please note that the CLI is currently limited to connecting to a local /var/run/docker.sock socket only and the user that runs devstep commands will need non-root access to it. Support for execution over TCP is likely to be added at some point.

IMPORTANT: A developer user will be used by Devstep and it assumes your user and group ids are equal to 1000 when using the CLI or the container's init process will be aborted. This is to guarantee that files created within Docker containers have the appropriate permissions so that you can manipulate them on the host without the need to use sudo. This is currently a Devstep limitation that will be worked around in case there is enough demand or will be fixed once Docker adds support for user namespaces.

The 1000 id was chosen because it is the default uid / gid of Ubuntu Desktop users that are created during the installation process. To work around this limitation you can build your own image with the appropriate ids and add a source_image: '<YOUR-IMAGE>:<OPTIONAL-TAG>' line to your ~/devstep.yml so that the image is used as a source for your projects.

Bash autocomplete

An autocompletion script can be installed using the one liner below:

curl -sL | sed 's/$PROG/devstep/' | sudo tee /etc/bash_completion.d/devstep