CLI Configuration

Devstep's CLI has a configuration mechanism in the form of YAML files that can be used to customize its behavior globally or for a specific project.

The available options are described below:

# The Docker repository to keep images built by devstep
repository: 'repo/name'

# The image used by devstep when building environments from scratch
# DEFAULT: 'fgrehm/devstep:v0.4.0'
source_image: 'source/image:tag'

# The host cache dir that gets mounted inside the container at `/home/devstep/cache`
# for speeding up the dependencies installation process.
# DEFAULT: '/tmp/devstep/cache'
cache_dir: '{{env "HOME"}}/devstep/cache'

# The directory where project sources should be mounted inside the container.
# DEFAULT: '/workspace'
working_dir: '/home/devstep/gocode/src/'

# Link to other existing containers (like a database for example).
# Please note that devstep won't start the associated containers automatically
# and an error will be raised in case the linked container does not exist or
# if it is not running.
# DEFAULT: <empty>
- "postgres:db"
- "memcached:mc"

# Additional Docker volumes to share with the container.
# DEFAULT: <empty>
- "/path/on/host:/path/on/guest"

# Environment variables.
# DEFAULT: <empty>
  RAILS_ENV: "development"

# Custom command aliases that can be used with `devstep run` to save some
# typing. It is also used for generating project specific binstubs.
# DEFAULT: <empty>
  # This can be run with `devstep run server`
    cmd: ["rails", "server"]
    # Here you can use some of the configs described above
    publish: ["3000:3000"]
    - '{{env "HOME"}}/certs/some-certificate.crt:/home/devstep/some-certificate.crt'
    - '{{env "HOME"}}/projects/some-gem-sources:/home/devstep/some-gem-sources'
    - 'redis:redis'
      RAILS_ENV: "hacking"
    # No custom options, used only for generating binstubs

# Custom provisioning steps that can be used when the available buildpacks are not
# enough. Use it to configure addons or run additional commands during the build.
# DEFAULT: <empty>
  - ['configure-addons', 'redis']

During a devstep command run, the CLI will start by loading global config options from $HOME/devstep.yml and project specific options from a devstep.yml file located on the directory where the command is run and will merge them before creating containers.

To figure out what are the configured values for a specific project after merging settings you can run devstep info.