CLI Aliases and Binstubs

The commands configurations set from devstep.yml files can be used to enable some powerful aliases in case you need to frequently run one off commands against a previously build project image.

For example, you can keep a terminal session with a Rails server running on a tab and on a separate tab you can keep a devstep hack session open for development tasks so you can easily run tests or execute some rake tasks.

By specifying the following command on your devstep.yml you'll be able to devstep run server instead of devstep run -p 3000:3000 -- bundle exec rails server:

    cmd: ["bundle", "exec", "rails", "server"]
    publish: ["3000:3000"]

Using binstubs

Given the configuration above, you might also want to skip the devstep run part from devstep run server while keeping the specified configs like published ports or volumes specified on devstep.yml files.

By running the devstep binstubs command from your project's root, a bash script will be created under .devstep/bin for each specified command, so you are a export PATH=".devstep/bin:$PATH" away from running just server using the configs outlined above.