Go buildpack

This buildpack is based on the Go Heroku buildpack and will install Go if a file with the .go extension is found.

If a Godep dir is found, this buildpack will download and install godep into your $PATH and will parse the GoVersion and ImportPath attributes when setting things up.

Since currently devstep does not support setting the workspace directory used inside the container, this buildpack will attempt to parse your project's import path for you using the following approach:

  1. ImportPath from Godep configs
  2. .godir file
  3. Remote github repository URL
  4. GO_PROJECT_NAME environmental variable

After identifying the import path, the buildpack will symlink your project sources into the appropriate path under the $GOPATH/src dir.

If godep is configured, the buildpack will attempt a godep go build for you, otherwise it will download project's dependencies with go get so you can start hacking right away.

This buildpack will also fix $GOPATH/src ownership so that you can safely mount a local checkout of a project dependency into the container without running into permission issues.

To install a specific Go version, please use the GOVERSION environmental variable.