Using a custom buildpack

In order to use a custom buildpack you can build your own images with it, or you can bind mount its directory with Devstep containers.

For example, you can place your buildpack sources at $HOME/projects/my-buildpack and add the following line to your $HOME/devstep.yml so that it is available to all Devstep environments:

  - '{{env "HOME"}}/projects/my-buildpack:/opt/devstep/buildpacks/my-buildpack'

If you want to use a custom base image, you can add the following line to your project's devstep.yml or $HOME/devstep.yml:

source_image: 'my-user/an-image:a-tag'

For more information on creating buildpacks, please have a look at Heroku's documentation and Devstep's built in buildpacks sources for inspiration.