Dead simple, no frills development environments based around a simple goal:

I want to git clone and run a single command to hack on any software project.

Devstep demo on Vimeo


Yeah, just give Devstep your code and let it take care of the rest (including automatic port forwarding to linked containers). Check out this demo of using Devstep with Discourse:

Discourse demo on Vimeo

And before you get the wrong impression, Devstep is not just for the web, it is also suitable for building / developing libraries and CLI tools:

Sidekiq demo on Vimeo

If you new to Devstep, check out the introduction and getting started guides.

Project status

This is mostly the result of many different hacks that suits my needs for developing Ruby on Rails and Golang apps. It has been working fine for my use cases since April / March 2014 and it also seems to play really well with other platforms based on my testing. If things break for you please let me know!